Wed, 10 May 2000 13:33:12 EDT

Favorite non-Gundam Anime:

MACROSS - Not MACROSS II, not MACROSS PLUS and especially not MACROSS 7.

Macross (then ROBOTECH) were primarily responsible for my getting into anime in the first place over 15 years ago. They will always be my favorites.

I love the original 36-episode series and the movie. It's a travesty that both are so maligned by the abomination that is Macross 7. I was in Japan when M7 premiered and I almost threw my TV set out the window when Nekki Basara started singing his way into battle. UGH!!! and people criticize "ROBOTECH"?

To me, the movie will ALWAYS be the definitive version of the MACROSS story, and I don't care what the "official" party line is.


Not just a great anime film, it was a great FILM. Had it been marketed right by a major Hollywood studio, it would have contended for a Best Picture Oscar. The score by Ryuichi Sakamoto is better than the one he won an Oscar for ("The Last Emperor")

Others, GALL FORCE 1-3, MEGAZONE 23, CRUSHER JOE, AKIRA... wow, those were the days, I'm sure some of the "old guard" remembers when all this stuff was "NEW".


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