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I Second your suggestion - I use Testor's acrylic paints amost excusively.
The only exception is when I need a really bright color that they don't


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> > Dang, the local hobby store doesn't sell that. They only sell the
> > (X-xx) paints. Is there an internet site I can order paints from?
> > have suggestions on brands as well?
> You know, regular ol' American Testors paints are actually quite good,
> used them for years, and your local hobbyshop should have tons it. The
> colors tend to be on the dull side (designed for military models), but the
> flat paints smooth out nicely and dry quickly. If you get fingerprints,
> cleanup is easy with some thinner. However (heheh, I sound like a GW
> episode!), I should mention that I'm not entirely happy with these paints
> primarily use an airbrush), mostly because of the dullish colors, so I
> to do some more experimenting when I get to a kit I don't mind screwing
> :)
> Peter Savin
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