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> Brett Jensen wrote:
> > You rock Z! Not too many other southern Cross fans around!
> I don't really know it, what do you see in it? I like Macross, Orguss and
> perhaps Mospeda. But Southern Cross is...
> Anyway, I can't really resist joining the fray :)
> My fav in random order:

Hmmm, i'll do the same:

(not counting Gundam stuff)

Vision of Escaflowne - On of the first series I'd seen in its entirety when
I just got into anime. I've seen it 3 times completely and it still blows my
mind. Great characters, beautiful art, awesome music (Yoko Kanno!),
brilliant storytelling ... this is one of those series you get together with
a bunch of people and watch all 26 eps in a single weekend (we did it! 30
hours, 26 eps of escaflowne, plus 20 eps or so of various other series)

Rurouni Kenshin - I can't believe I just started watching this a few months
ago ... Some bad info led me to believe it was Ninja Scroll as a TV series
... I couldn't have been more wrong. The coolest part of the show is that
pretty much everyone in it is a complete and utter badass in their own way
... You've got Kenshin, Sanosauke, Misao (everyone loves the weasel girl),
Aoshi, Saitoh ... plus the fact that the story is historical fiction (many
of the characters really existed, although some were slightly change). I've
seen about 60 eps of this (only 36 more to go), the OVA (one of the most
moving things I've ever seen, it's very bleak compared to the TV), and the
movie (really just an extended TV episode).

Nadesico - I've been told that in 1999 it was voted (by Japanese fans) as
the greatest anime series of all times, and I can see why. It's partially
parodying the space fortress/mecha genre, its parodying itself (Gekiganger
owns you ... Let's ... GEKIGA-IN!), has a wide variety of colorful
characters (Ruri is my own personal hero. Baka baka), and a serious story
underneath the comedic elements. A real much watch.

Bubblegum Crisis - Not that travesty called BGC2040 (Nene has pink hair!
Pink! Priss does 80's rock, not pseudo-industrial!), the original. This is
also one of the first things I saw. This is a must buy on DVD, IMHO. You get
8 45 minute episodes of Cyberpunk fun. Sure the animation looks a _bit_
date, but it was really good for the time, so it's not too noticable. Even
if you don't like 80's rock, the music fits the show perfectly ... Konya wa

Honourable mentions (stuff that I really like, but don't consider to be as
good as the stuff above):
Bakuretsu Hunters (aka Sorcerer Hunters) - Gratuitous fan service,
especially the OVA (mmmm ... Tira Misu ... Chocolate Misu ... suspendery...)
but its a very enjoyable show once you get passed that.

Outlaw Star - Just started watching this one recently as well, I've seen
about half of it now. It's a fun show to watch. Funny without being silly,
likable characters (Suzuka owns me), and really great art.

Brain Powered - Call me crazy. I've seen 4 episodes of this and I'm enjoying
it. Not only is the music great (Kanno .. hmm .. am I detecting a pattern),
but the first four eps have really grabbed me. This gets a lot of
comparisons to Eva, but I'll say it now: I didn't like Eva. Eva fans seem to
be even more fanatical in defending their series than any other fan group
I've seem, but I don't see the attraction. Eva was odd in a bad way .. it
was just too screwed up, and the characters too angst ridden for me to care.
Now Brain Powered .. its very odd ... but in an intriguing way that makes me
want to see more.

Dual - I've only seen 3 eps of this, but its great! It's a sort of Eva
Parody. It doesn't resort to outright Parody or over-the-top comedy, but
it's so well written ... it's hard to describe =)

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