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> On Tue, 09 May 2000 20:53:34 -0700 Brett Jensen <heero@earthlink.net>
> >> 2. Super Dimensional Century Orguss.
> >
> >Another great show. (which I forked out for the LDs)
> >
> Yes, this one is pretty good from what I've seen. However, I only have
the first tape, so I haven't seen much. I do have the OST as well. And the
sequel series Super Dimensional Century Orguss II, but it doesn't seem to
measure up to what I've read of the original.

Orguss was all-right but it did get very very cool at the end. And I mean
Cool. It had a hell of a plot twist at the end.

> >> 3. Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. This stands the test of time
> >> than any other anime feature, probably because it's literally
> >
> >The best Miyazaki film IMHO.
> >
> Never seen this.

See the subtitled version. "Warriors of the Wind" is one of those evil hell
dubs that will haunt those who have seen it until the day they die. The
story still comes through but it's just not the same.

Ever play Panzer Dragoon on a SEGA Saturn? Well most of their visual ideas
came from Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind. The manga is also very good
and has been collected into graphic novels by VIZ comics. IT is well
trnaslated I might add.

> >> 2. Megazone 23. One of the first OAV and still one of the best.
> >> of the sequels measures up, although they both try really hard.
> >
> >My favorite OAV! Part 2 is pretty good actually.
> >
> Agreed. And I've finally gotten a translation of the third one, so I know
what is really going on there.

SO what is going on? Do the Gorig ever come back? :) Does the
re-colonization of Earth from the Megazone escape module go well?
> >Wow you have good taste. ^_^
> >
> >My favorite series is probably SDF Macross, although Original Gundam and
> >come awful close. I really can't choose.
> >
> Been meaning to see VOTOMS sometime.

All of the tapes of the original series are out by US Manga Corps. They come
in boxed sets of $120 for a subtitled VHS with 4-5 tapes at 2-3 30 minute
episodes each. So it's like <$10 an episode or so.
In case you care. :)
> >My favorite movie is Macross DYRL.
> >
> >---Brett Jensen
> >
> The movie that started me on anime. Thanks to Neil Buamgardner and this
movie, I now own over 500 or so anime tapes from around 50 or so series,
movies, etc. and around 50 anime CD soundtracks.

I think he meant to say "Revenge of the Bionoids!" :)

> Roland

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