Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:35:19 -0700

>I just finished assembling my first two MG kits (a Zaku F and a GM Custom)
>and all I have to say is,
>These kits live up to everything I've heard about them. Their level of
>detail is just excellent. They went together very easily and look great
>with no painting at all. They are very poseable, especally the GM. Makes
>me wonder how mind blowing the PG kits are. I've got three more MG kits on
>the way (RX-79(G), NT-1 Alex and GP-01) and I can't wait.
>I also ordered some SD kits (which I have no experience with), mainly
>because HLJ had them on sale (and because they're so damn cute!) Could
>anybody give me a heads up on what these are like assembly wise?

SDs are a breeze now that you've cut your teeth on some MG kits. The
recent SD kits are every bit as easy to put together as the MG or HG
kits, but since there are less parts to deal with, you can slap one
together within a half hour. However, they do require more work painting
wise - you can get by with the stickers provided, but they don't look that
good unless painted. The "MG" parody kits are a bit better in the no-need-
to-paint department, though.


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