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> Just saw the three episodes of gundam wing today on ytv. Supposely it's a

> trial run to see if the crowd can dig in to gundam. I really hope they
> continue to show since I want to actually see the whole series so that I
> finally make a judgement to see whether or not this is a good show. They

> started out with the japanese song which was a big surprise but no harm's

> done, since they are trying to stay true to the series and not to do some

> crappy english version. Now the dubbing might be a mixed reactionn to
> You see, I was watching the show with my friends and they saw both the
> japanese and chinese versions, so they could tell if the characters's
> were close to the asia versions or not. Apparently it wasn't close. In
> some characters' voices were annoying. Be aware though, that I didn't
> that judgement but my friends. I'm new to GW so I wouldn't know if the
> dubbing was close to the japanese versions. But so far I can tollerate
> dubbing. Now I hear that in the States GW is the most top rated show in
> cartoon network. Let's just hope the same goes in Canada.

Well, Gundam Wing was shown here in the Philippines in Filipino (our native
language). honestly, for me, I don't care if the voices are close to the
original Japanese voices or not. I mean, if Quattre had a very deep voice,
would that change the story? no! for me as long as the translation is
quite accurate, I'll be very happy with it =)

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