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> In the anime, they just communicate as if they were using the phone or a
radio. The
> main significance of this system is that both friend and enemy can talk
to each
> other as long as the MS are physically connected. (Also applies to ships
as well).
> You could say that the MS has a 'microphone+speaker' type system in the
hands but
> then how do ships pick up the sound through the hull and reply? May be
the ships
> have the system built-in to a particular section of the bridge as well...

maybe the signal is carried through an electric current like through a wire
and if they are in physical contact with one another this makes a complete
current where the communication signal (current) can pass through without
going through air or space where minovsky particles are present to block
such signals.

this method is also seen in F91 where they fire wires that connect them to
other mechas so they can communicate to one another

also, can Newtypes communicate telepathically on a regular basis? as in
like they're using 2-way radios? I know they can sense each other's
presence and with the exception of Lalah Sun, I can't recall them
comminicating to one another like they were talking over the phone (then
again, I haven't seen most of the TV episodes)

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