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> >The latter is made most obvious by the scenes depicted in Z Gundam. i.e. MS
> >hold hands (sound is passed through the body) when pilots communicate with each
> >other in areas saturated with Minovsky particles.
> Just curious -- how effective is this method of communication? Is it
> possible to hear clearly? I know it's possible in Normal Suits (spacesuits),
> but what about MSes?
> After all, an MS is a relatively large body to pass sound waves
> through, and it's not all of the same density and all. Would the message
> actually pass through well?

In the anime, they just communicate as if they were using the phone or a radio. The
main significance of this system is that both friend and enemy can talk to each
other as long as the MS are physically connected. (Also applies to ships as well).

You could say that the MS has a 'microphone+speaker' type system in the hands but
then how do ships pick up the sound through the hull and reply? May be the ships
have the system built-in to a particular section of the bridge as well...


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