Kev K (
Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:34:32 GMT

Just saw the three episodes of gundam wing today on ytv. Supposely it's a
trial run to see if the crowd can dig in to gundam. I really hope they
continue to show since I want to actually see the whole series so that I can
finally make a judgement to see whether or not this is a good show. They
started out with the japanese song which was a big surprise but no harm's
done, since they are trying to stay true to the series and not to do some
crappy english version. Now the dubbing might be a mixed reactionn to some.
You see, I was watching the show with my friends and they saw both the
japanese and chinese versions, so they could tell if the characters's voice
were close to the asia versions or not. Apparently it wasn't close. In fact
some characters' voices were annoying. Be aware though, that I didn't make
that judgement but my friends. I'm new to GW so I wouldn't know if the
dubbing was close to the japanese versions. But so far I can tollerate the
dubbing. Now I hear that in the States GW is the most top rated show in
cartoon network. Let's just hope the same goes in Canada.
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