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> ... I saw an add for a SD Zaku that came with a full

> load of weapons and even the megella tank w/ the
> fighter on top, it also came with parts for a high
> mobility zaku and parts for the zaku tank as well,
> also had pictures of the RX-78 in the g-3 color
> scheme. I know that the G-3 and Zaku aren't out yet,

> but I'm pretty sure that the RX-78 SD came out a
> while ago, does anyone know where to get this
> Thanks in advance for all the help.

I assume you are referring to Banpresto's "SD Gundam
Full Weapon Set". The first in the series was SD
RX-78-2 Gundam, and the lastest releases are Zaku II
(like you've mentioned) plus G-3 Gundam (i.e. RX-78-2
in different color scheme). They are all available on
the market and you can view the package/order them at

They cost about 2,000yen each set, or roughly

> A second quickie question, can anyone recommend any
> online stores to order japanese soundtracks, i don't

> want the SM versions, i just want the original
> Japanese ones, thanks everyone!

Try Anime Nation:

They carry a full range of official anime products,
include Gundam books, CDs (by Japan's King Records),
references, and merchandises.

Hope this helps.


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