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> At 01:22 04/24/2000 -0700, you wrote:
> >if they can improve radio signal reception, why not improve radar
> Think about what you just said. (no sarcasm here. =)

that's why there's a questionmark there, I don't know anything about it so
I'm asking a question.

> I think it'll have an effect on all frequencies, to an extent or
> another. Light certainly doesn't seem to be affected though. =)

yeah, I know, if I remember correctly they were using lasers to detect other
ships in 0083, but of course lasers are limited as you have to point to the
exact direction where an opponent may be, and the probability of hitting a
small, distant object such as an oncoming mobile suit is really, well, small

are radars limited to a certain frequency? I think it's common knowledge
that higher frequencies have better reception and less suceptible to
interference (a good example would be AM and FM bands on your radio, AM
operating on kilowatts while FM operating on megawatts, thus FM has better
reception, not to mention stereo sound)

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