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>Regarding Gundam's eyes. They are for targeting and ranging. The stereo
>vision gives the depth perception necessary for accurate targeting and
>ranging. The main camera+eyes system used in the Gundam is
>technologically inferior to the more sophisticated all-in-one system used
>in the GunCannon and the GMs and probably the Zeon monoeye.

I'm not sure that I would buy the concept that the main camera+eyes system
is inferior. If it was, why does the Federation keep using it in all their
very expensive, high quality prototype units?

>See below regarding communication:
>L. M. Lloyd wrote:
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> >
> > First off, Minovsky particles interfere with radio transmissions, but
> > that does not make radio antennas useless. In fact the more
> > interference there is, the more you need an antenna.
>Let me point out some things:
>1) You need an antenna of somekind to receive a signal in the first place.
>: )
>2) If there is interference, then the signal is not being received by the
>antenna due to whatever is causing the interference and is not the fault
>of the antenna.
>You were probably thinking of the strength of the signal, in which case,
>to pick up weak signals you will need a better antenna or rather a more
>suitably located one.

I thought that the PSB explanation of the Minovsky particle's effects is
that it absorbs radio waves. In that case, wouldn't the effect be a
weakened signal rather than interference?

> > There is a big
> > difference between radar being useless, and radio transmissions being
> > useless. Stealth technology makes radar useless, but that does not
> > mean that a stealth airplane does not need a radio.
>Current modern stealth technology (i.e. stealth fighter/bomber) doesn't
>really make radar useless. They are not really 'invisible' to radar.
>Their designs minimise the cross sectional area detected by radar. From
>the point of view of an operator using conventional air defence radar, the
>stealth aircraft are not distinguishable from birds/model aircraft etc.

Most radar systems are not sensitive enough to pick up objects the size of
birds/model airplanes. If they were it would be easy to detect a stealthy
aircraft. Just track all the bird sized objects and have a computer
eliminate the ones traveling less that 100 knots. Only very powerful radar
systems (like the American SPY-1 and APY-1/2) have are able to track targets
this size, and then only at a very limited range


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