Mon, 24 Apr 2000 19:12:03 EDT

Sup everyone, a quickie question.... i just got HJ 5 and I was flipping
through it when I saw an add for a SD Zaku that came with a full load of
weapons and even the megella tank w/ the fighter on top, it also came with
parts for a high mobility zaku and parts for the zaku tank as well, it also
had pictures of the RX-78 in the g-3 color scheme. I know that the G-3 and
Zaku aren't out yet, but I'm pretty sure that the RX-78 SD came out a while
ago, does anyone know where to get this online. Thanks in advance for all
the help.

On another note, HJ 5 is basically a Z tribute with two PG zetas built up and
a couple MG Zetas built as well, theres a really nice 1/100 sratch GM sniper,
as well as a MG gundam done up in the PG style. Theres also a lot of lineart
for the upcoming 08ms gundam.

A second quickie question, can anyone recommend any online stores to order
japanese soundtracks, i don't want the SM versions, i just want the original
Japanese ones, thanks everyone!

Just out of curiosity, how many people actually got the PG Zeta, I hella want
one, but 200+ is a lot for a starving college student. =(


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