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Your site ROCKS!


Nicholas \"Echo|Fox\" Paufler wrote:
> > Yo! I'm new here too. I just joined yesterday. I just started to like
> > Gundam.
> >
> > Don't worry, you're not annoying. Anyone have pics of A LOT of Gundam. I
> > mean, A LOT. Mostly of the machines not the pilots.
> >
> > ~Chris~
> >
> Hmmm, well I suppose this is as good a time as any to plug it.
> I'm working on putting together a high quality Gundam Image Archive. Nothing
> that's either small or low quality, just the best. I haven't gotten to
> thumbnailing and sorting the images yet, but you can take a peak and get an
> idea of what's to come.
> As for last night, I've got about 60 images online, plus 4 wallpapers (one
> of which is my recently created background of the GP04G Gebera). The addy is
> just click the gundam image archive
> Bear in mind, this is a _very_ graphically intensive site. Fact is, I hate
> doing HTML and watching nice graphics get turned low quality, and layouts
> that look stretched at 1024x768 and higher to appease people with low
> bandwidth and/or smaller monitors... so for once, I'm designing a site for a
> HIGH common denominator, rather than the lowest. Apologies to anyone on
> dialup, but this is just the way it is =)
> As for whats to come, I've been pulling new images off the web and USENET as
> I find quality stuff, as well as getting large additions to my collection
> from Nataku on IRC (he's got 11 cd's worth of images, so he'll be hooking me
> up with fresh stuff quite often). Once I finish my last finals, I'll
> actually divide it up into 4 categories: UC, Alternate Universes,
> Miscellaneous ... and the Mobile Suit Girls =P
> Echo|Fox
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