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Welcome! In answer to your question, all of this minovsky controversy
is solely related to the Gundam UC saga. That means it only pertains
to the shows Mobile Suit Gundam (MSG), Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Mobile
Suit (Z or ZG), Mobile Suit Double Zeta Gundam (ZZ or ZZG), Char's
Counterattack (CCA), 0080 War in the Pocket (0080 or 80), 0083
Stardust Memories (0083 or 0080), 08th MS Team (08MS), F90, F91, and
Victory Gundam (VG). That is the list of Universal Century (UC)
shows, altough some people like myself don't really mean F90, F91 or
VG when we talk about UC.

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> Hey everybody!
> I just recently subscribed to this list and I like it!You guys
> are really smart!I was reading all the messages about radar and
> stuff and I was blown away!I'm a little confused, though.Are we
> talking about Gundam Wing or Blue destiny..or all of them? ^_^;
> I'm sorry..I'm being really rude..Also I have a question for
> everyone:Who is your favorite character(s)? I'd just be interested
> to find out.Ok, I'm probably getting really annoying right now so
> I'll stop.Gomen.
> ~Venus
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