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>if they can improve radio signal reception, why not improve radar detection?

        Think about what you just said. (no sarcasm here. =)

        It's easier to improve radio signal reception, because you can work
on it from both ends. Pack enough signal strength into the signal, make it
highly directional, and you should be able to cut through a jamming signal.
Improve the antenna design, and you can have a better reception.

        Radar detection, OTOH, uses radio waves that bounces back to the
reciever to detect the opponent. Not all the radio waves bounces directly
back to the reciever, so the return signal strength will be weaker. Then add
in the fact that an enemy is going to do all it can to hide from your radar,
and the existence of background radar clutter, and you can see that radio
reception and radar detection are different things.

        Another thing to wonder about. If I'm not mistaken, a returning
radio wave from a radar would have it's wavelength changed -- that's why
Doppler radar works, I think (I'm not too sure here). If I understand it
correctly, Minovsky particles might affect these, making your return
signature useless for detection.

>also, does Minovsky particles jam all radio waves or just a certain frequecy
>(those used by radar)?

        I think it'll have an effect on all frequencies, to an extent or
another. Light certainly doesn't seem to be affected though. =)

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