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> are microwaves considered radio waves? if not maybe
> they use something like this to communicate the same
> way telecom companies and TV stations use them
> today. and if that's the case, I don't think you
> use antennas for microwaves.

Radars use microwaves. Cell phones use microwaves. Most military radios use EM waves that are much lower in energy than microwaves. Minovsky Particles block high energy radiation (namely Em waves more energetic than Ultraviolet light) which does include microwave, but not light of low end radio waves.

As to the communication lines seen in the show, radio waves can give away your possition just as well as radar can pick you up, so using a secured "line" is very wise. Also sound can pass through a line in space with very little distortion, so no power is needed of a direct sound line.

And lastly, ground wave radio is so low end that 08th MS Team uses it to communicate and track enemy targets.


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