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> First off, Minovsky particles interfere with radio transmissions, but
> that does not make radio antennas useless. In fact the more
> interference there is, the more you need an antenna. There is a big
> difference between radar being useless, and radio transmissions being
> useless. Stealth technology makes radar useless, but that does not
> mean that a stealth airplane does not need a radio. How do you think
> ships communicate with MSs? Also, it is not like the entire universe
> is filled with minovsky particles. You often hear commanders calling
> for a minovsky broadcast just before an attack, this would suggest
> that there were no minovsky particles being released prior to the
> broadcast.
> What I mean is that having a way to disrupt the proper functioning of
> radar, renders radar an unreliable detection and targeting method
> (therefore in a military context useless), but it takes far less to
> render radar ineffective, than it does to completely absorb all radio
> communications. Therefore it makes perfect sense that MSs would have
> extremely large (and sophisticated) antenna, in order to receive the
> best radio signal possible, despite the large amounts of minovsky
> radio interference.

Yes, I know this. I meant useless as a subjective word, not as literally
useless. Anyway, I should have made myself clearier. I meant what you just


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