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First off, Minovsky particles interfere with radio transmissions, but
that does not make radio antennas useless. In fact the more
interference there is, the more you need an antenna. There is a big
difference between radar being useless, and radio transmissions being
useless. Stealth technology makes radar useless, but that does not
mean that a stealth airplane does not need a radio. How do you think
ships communicate with MSs? Also, it is not like the entire universe
is filled with minovsky particles. You often hear commanders calling
for a minovsky broadcast just before an attack, this would suggest
that there were no minovsky particles being released prior to the

What I mean is that having a way to disrupt the proper functioning of
radar, renders radar an unreliable detection and targeting method
(therefore in a military context useless), but it takes far less to
render radar ineffective, than it does to completely absorb all radio
communications. Therefore it makes perfect sense that MSs would have
extremely large (and sophisticated) antenna, in order to receive the
best radio signal possible, despite the large amounts of minovsky
radio interference.

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> > I'd guess that the V-fins are antenna for recieving and sending
> > transmissions. And the eyes might be secondary cameras or mabye
> > targeting systems. I'm new at Gundam and I'm making an educated
> > guess
> > NOT a probability.
> That's my guess as well. The only thing is, in UC Gundam Minovsky
> particles make all radio transmission's useless. To anyone in the
> know, do Minovsky particles exsit in AC Gundam? If you haven't
> been there all ready, www.gundamproject.com is one of the best
> sources for beginners of Gundam.
> Aaron
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