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>I know t his has been discussed before but, I know that the main camera is
>in the Gundam's mohawk, but are there camera's in the eyes? The eyes must
>serve some purpose. Are they secondary camera's?

        I think a fair number of people here agree that the eye-cams are
pheriphery vision. Some suggest that they are stereoscopic cameras, for use
in targetting.

        BTW, I read in the old Gundam novels that the GM also have a
twin-eye camera system, just that it's behind a one-piece faceplate. How
true is this?

>What purpose (other then for looks) does the forehead V-Fin serve? Is it an
>antenna? Other then the vulcan machine guns in the head and the camera(s) is
>the head used for anything else?

        There's a theory that the V-Fin are directional antennas -- you
point the V-Fin in the direction of the transmission to get a better
reception. It makes sense actually, but is probably not the original intent
of the designer.

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