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> I'm certain it an antenna. Minovsky physics cancels out radar, but MSs
> still use radio communication. As for the head, the entire form of an MS
> built to mimic the human pilot, and since all three human senses that
> operate at a distance (hearing/sight/scent) are located in the head, the
> has a head that serves the same function. Ignore the semi-face on the
> Gundam, instead imagine it as turret that houses all the main sensors and
> can turn independently of the body, allowing for a much wider range of
> perception.

I know later model MSes have cameras mounted on the body, like secondary or
backup cameras, but not in 0079. then again, I could be wrong.

one more thing, how can you use radio communication if radar is jammed by
minovsky particles? radar IS radio waves. they may be using another way to
communicate. remember in F91 they fire wires at each other to communicate
because by then, 0123 AC, minovsky is used so much and maybe the drives they
use is more powerful that all forms of distance communication through
broadcast is blanked out.

are microwaves considered radio waves? if not maybe they use something like
this to communicate the same way telecom companies and TV stations use them
today. and if that's the case, I don't think you use antennas for

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