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>I know t his has been discussed before but, I know that the main camera
>in the Gundam's mohawk, but are there camera's in the eyes? The eyes must
>serve some purpose. Are they secondary camera's?

Pure conjecture here, but the eye's might serve to enhance the main
forehead camera, allowing for better detail and range-finding.

>What purpose (other then for looks) does the forehead V-Fin serve? Is it an
>antenna? Other then the vulcan machine guns in the head and the camera(s) is
>the head used for anything else?

I'm certain it an antenna. Minovsky physics cancels out radar, but MSs
still use radio communication. As for the head, the entire form of an MS is
built to mimic the human pilot, and since all three human senses that
operate at a distance (hearing/sight/scent) are located in the head, the MS
has a head that serves the same function. Ignore the semi-face on the
Gundam, instead imagine it as turret that houses all the main sensors and
can turn independently of the body, allowing for a much wider range of


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