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> That's my guess as well. The only thing is, in UC Gundam Minovsky
> make all radio transmission's useless. To anyone in the know, do Minovsky

> particles exsit in AC Gundam? If you haven't been there all ready,
> is one of the best sources for beginners of Gundam.

no such thing as minovsky particles in GWing (AC). but the Gundanium alloy
used for maknig Gundams in GWing absorb radio signals thus making them
invisible to radar. but I don't know if an external antenna can receive and
send radio signals since there isn't any jamming frequencies broadcasted
from the mobile suit. maybe it can. I can compare it to a sponge, a sponge
absorbs water, but if you put something on the sponge, say your hand, it
gets wet because it is outside the sponge, so maybe an antenna can be used
in GWing, but certainly not in UC Gundam.

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