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> The Zero system connects the pilot directly to the MS's computer doesn't?
> the reason for the Zero system messing with the pilots mind due to all
> information that's being sent directly to the pilot?

the ZERO system has similarities to the RX-78 computer that is stores pilot
data to enhance it's battle capabilities. but an additional feature in the
ZERO system is it's forecasting capabilities, it predicts the opponents next
move so you can make a decision on what to do next even before the opponent
makes their move. if the pilot does not have a clear mind and no
determination in battle (like you fear you'll die or something) then they
see a future of them losing, like the time when the Oz test pilot saw
himself being blown up and he thought it was real. I guess that alone can
make anyone panic

> About the helmet the pilot of the Epyon wears, does it allow the pilot to
> exactly what the Epyon's camera's see? I noticed its almost exactly like
> head mounted VR display, when Heero flipped that cover down on the

it replaces the monitors on the cockpit. it's a combination monitor and
heads up display. the ZERO system is no different than the one in the Wing

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