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Please take this off the list.

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> > Oh Please. OH no, A reporter was SHOVED! Dear god!! If a reporter had
> > been shoved or injured in any way, why havent they made an issue of it all
> > over the news? Why is there no outrage or hub bub over this? Please, if a
> > reporter was shoved, he was probably in the way. The family was on the
> > phone but there was NO advance in negotiation, a standstill. Why? BECAUSE
> > THE FAMILY REFUSED TO DO WHAT THE GOT ASKED. They had their chance, And
> > the family COULD have had weapons, what, you want to take the word of a
> > third party and believe they dot have any because someone says they dot?
> > NO.
> > They didn't shout "We'll shoot"...i mean come on, these are professional
> > officers of the law. I have several police officers in my family and this
> > is why I am so ticked you say all this crap. Did you hear them say it?
> > That's what that 21 year old cousin said. I don't believe she is a
> reliable
> > witness...I cant believe you could be so knaive. My hats off to the
> > officers in charge of the operation; they upheld the law, putting their
> > lives on the line (guns or no guns) to do what is right.
> You are blind!! They DID TOO say we'll shoot. Yes, I know they are
> professional officers of the law, but they also held & tear-gased CHILDREN as
> well as adults and also held children at GUN POINT! The other children where
> innocent, INNOCENT! I am not naive. If you cannot see the injustice of the
> level of violence used, then you truly are blind and can only see what you
> want to see, not the truth & to condone this level of violence being used
> without just & proper cause, then you are advocating the same type of
> government Castro runs. AT NOT POINT IN TIME, at NONE, was the family EVER
> ONCE told to turn Elian over without further adue. The family was NOT and
> had at NO TIME broke the law. Reno & her crowd has broken the law numerous
> times as well as broken their OWN promises & agreements. Research this issue
> to find out what the facts are, not be a idiot and believe only the
> propaganda Reno & Clinton wants you to believe to cover more of their law
> breaking methods. Castro is telling Clinton and Reno what to do and they are
> doing what he wants as Clinton wants to restore relations with Cuba before he
> leaves office so he has some good marks on his legacy. At no time has Reno
> put this childs best interest formost. The father could have come to claim
> his son at any time after he was found. Why did it take the father FIVE
> MONTHS, FIVE MONTHS to come claim his son? Why didn't he come to claim his
> son the first week, the second week, the first month? It is pointless to
> have to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who refuses to find out
> the facts only goes by the propraganda.
> Aaron
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