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> Oh Please. OH no, A reporter was SHOVED! Dear god!! If a reporter had
> been shoved or injured in any way, why havent they made an issue of it all
> over the news? Why is there no outrage or hub bub over this? Please, if a
> reporter was shoved, he was probably in the way. The family was on the
> phone but there was NO advance in negotiation, a standstill. Why? BECAUSE
> the family COULD have had weapons, what, you want to take the word of a
> third party and believe they dot have any because someone says they dot?
> NO.

> They didn't shout "We'll shoot"...i mean come on, these are professional
> officers of the law. I have several police officers in my family and this
> is why I am so ticked you say all this crap. Did you hear them say it?
> That's what that 21 year old cousin said. I don't believe she is a
> witness...I cant believe you could be so knaive. My hats off to the
> officers in charge of the operation; they upheld the law, putting their
> lives on the line (guns or no guns) to do what is right.

You are blind!! They DID TOO say we'll shoot. Yes, I know they are
professional officers of the law, but they also held & tear-gased CHILDREN as
well as adults and also held children at GUN POINT! The other children where
innocent, INNOCENT! I am not naive. If you cannot see the injustice of the
level of violence used, then you truly are blind and can only see what you
want to see, not the truth & to condone this level of violence being used
without just & proper cause, then you are advocating the same type of
government Castro runs. AT NOT POINT IN TIME, at NONE, was the family EVER
ONCE told to turn Elian over without further adue. The family was NOT and
had at NO TIME broke the law. Reno & her crowd has broken the law numerous
times as well as broken their OWN promises & agreements. Research this issue
to find out what the facts are, not be a idiot and believe only the
propaganda Reno & Clinton wants you to believe to cover more of their law
breaking methods. Castro is telling Clinton and Reno what to do and they are
doing what he wants as Clinton wants to restore relations with Cuba before he
leaves office so he has some good marks on his legacy. At no time has Reno
put this childs best interest formost. The father could have come to claim
his son at any time after he was found. Why did it take the father FIVE
MONTHS, FIVE MONTHS to come claim his son? Why didn't he come to claim his
son the first week, the second week, the first month? It is pointless to
have to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who refuses to find out
the facts only goes by the propraganda.


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