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>> ><< Dude, it's a manga _ADAPTATION_, not a film book of the anime series.
>> > Plenty of creative license were taken to speed up the pace (you gotta
>> > admit, structurally, Wing's pacing on TV was slow and unorganized).
>> > If you think this is bad, wait until you see the manga adaptation
>>of V Gundam
>> > or Gundam X. >>
>> >
>> >I understand that. But man, when people take creative liberties,
>>they sure as
>> >hell take them.
>I suspect the comic would hold up better in one of those massive
>Japanese phonebook mangas. These flimsy 20 page brochures that pass
>for comics in America are a bad way to read manga.

Mmm... You'd get about the same in the phonebook mangas, maybe a little
more. The graphic novel format (which it will come out in anyway) is
probably the best way to get a nice concentrated dose.


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