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Sorry 'bout this...

From: garrick lee <goner4sure@yahoo.com>

> mind: excessive self-depreciating humor (my bad, i
> apologize),

That was the problem for me. I really hate the fact that pessimism has
entered our national conciousness here that people don't think reasonably
about things anymore. As much as I do sympathize with your ideas and your
outlook on our current social climate - we have to search for things that
makes life bearable here in the Islands to move on.

I'm sorry if this was a history lesson, but read up and try to look at
things and stop mucking about your shell feeling sorry about the way things
are here. :) I'm helping to change things here with my job and my life. I
hope you have that same outlook - not with your job, but by being aware of
how things go about here. You owe it to people who can't afford that luxury
of being able to understand things like we who are better off.

> yes. that is the crux of the matter, fed. i would
> hate for situations to come to that -- because i'm not
> about to just lie down and die. and thus, the thought
> of having to fight the people of what i have come to
> think of as "my country too" is annoying.

This may be pointless in this debate - because overwhelming prejudice is a
huge factor in that situation - but most of the leaders of the Revolution
(Aguinaldo, Rizal) had Chinese blood or heritage.

> <SNIP>
> it was simply because the chinese were convenient
> targets. somehow i don't see the filipino populace
> being as vicious as the indonesians in that
> context....i hope....

We have had a 350 year history of Chinese massacres (20+ in that timespan)
before the American Colonial Govt. came in. In places like Batangas here,
the hatred and mistrust still run deep. I think we learned to live with the
Chinese as a way of life here - the Malays here just got tired of killing
you guys I guess... :)

> is it common to just the philippines? it smells like
> standard reaction for many countries at war.

True. No examples to the contrary spring to mind here...


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