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>> BTW, I don't think anyone mentioned it here.
>> But the Japanese government is talking (or acting?)

>> to restrict export of PlayStation 2, because the
>> graphics chip in these toys are more advanced than
>> those used in a lot radar and missile systems
around >> the world.
> It was actually a clever Sony marketing ploy that
> every news organization around the world fell
> for.... Although there was some truth to the story,
> nothing that hadn't been released prior to the
> release of the system.

A little publicity and ploy, be that positive or
negative, sure help the sales, right?
> You may be happy to know that the Japanese
> government has OK'd the export for PS2 to other
> countries so you will be able to get one when it is
> released in your country : )

In Hong Kong people can buy PS2 a couple of days after
it's on sale in Japan, albeit as parallel goods at
highly inflated price. I remember it was sold at
around HK$10,000 (or US$1,285.00) the first wk when it
hit Hong Kong 'markets' and I did see diecards folked
out cash to buy them. Now the price has plummeted by
more than 60% after the hypes. Maybe Sony can do a
little extra to help boost the morales of HK
wholesalers and retailers who've stockpiled PS2 :)

The otherday I overheard a converstaion between a
mother and her young son who begged her to buy a PS2.
Mother: "What's the hurry? There'll be PS3 very soon!"
So there. :)


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