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> Your American ego while quaint is a little out of date with the political

It's still pretty accurate. When I say that some of Japan's strength comes from
being our allies it's not because I think that merely being American is good
enough, but that we are still the hottest shit on the war fighting globe. That
could end tomorrow, I don't know. Another way of putting it is this - The Soviet
Union and, to a lesser extent, Russia, was considered, rightfully so, one of the
last armies on Earth that you'd want to get in a fight with. It was just assumed
and they showed that they could really hit hard. Now, years later, the
Chechnyans (sp?) have shown that one small country is almost enough to bring the
Red Army to its knees. Now, that may not *actually* be the case, but I'm sure
other countries around Russia that have tired of taking orders from it will
really consider risking a fight to leave. Nothing like that (looking like a
hollow army) has happened to the U.S. since Vietnam.

> times. And your knowledge of military strategy again seems limited to a
> gaming environment. What exactly do you think the Philippines would be doing

Reading and the experience of those around me who have served. No actual
military experience, no.

> while they assembled off shore. Waiting.....?

Doing their best with what they've got.


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