Sun, 23 Apr 2000 04:21:16 EDT

> The real histroy is pretty complicated (and as yet incomplete). But one
> of the reason it escalated into such a tragedy was that the local
> regiments refused to follow commands to kick the demonstrators' butt early
> on. So the students got bolder and finally Beijing brought in troops from
> the far-away provinces who didn't know Mandarin, and were not aware of the
> political debates. They were fed the party line and moved in and
> robotically killed the innocents.

    Yes, those troops brought in were those that was involved in the Border
war w/ Vietnam, the most seasoned troops at that time. However, to say that
they didn't know mandrain is simply absurd, because soldiers of that army
were natives of the central provinces and not the border ones.

> And Desert Storm showed how wimpy those Chinese missles are. If they fire
> them nukes from the mainland, it will be incredible that they actually hit
> the right island. And even if the missles hit some islands, the warheads
> are more likely to fissle than to detonate.

Err...those iraqi missles were bought from the soviets, the exported e
chinese M-9/M-11 was sold to middle-east countries other in Iraq, and even
that was a striped down version from the normal DF series. Iraq only
purchased conventional weapons like tanks(and not good ones at that...) from
China. PLA missle technology may not be that good, but they're certaintly
better than what people give them credit for, you'd think they made some
progress since the early days of their missle program in the late 50s.... the
main close range missles that are aimed at TW and Vietnam are DF-15 and
DF-11(CEP 100m and 150m)...paper tiger it ain't

As for Taiwan, you're right. I don't think any chinese wants to start a war
over it, despite the constant bickering. But who knows what happens when it
really comes down to that?... I don't even like to think about that

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