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> Blackeagle wrote:
> > >Three ground-attack squadrons? That's getting pretty scary... Have they
> > >have any military exercise recently?
> >
> > So far as I know, Japan has not actually shot at anyone (except Godzilla)
> > since WWII.
> >
> > I don't really see why you find it scary, while it may not be as glamorous
> > as air to air, every air force needs some "mud movers".
> Hehe why not have bulldozers than?
> Hmm why I found it scary? When I was in Tokyo 2 years ago, I ran into a
> pretty noisy demonstration by the right-wing party (forgot the name).
> Luckily I didn't look like a foreigner, and so I make a big curve and
> hightailed it. And I saw many public bulletins pasted on lampposts and
> walls from this rather un-pacifist party. I took pictures of 2 of them, I
> can't find them just now. But I remember the gist of it. One demands
> retribution from America for the crimes committed against Japan during and
> after WW2, and the other one demands that Manchuria should be returned to
> Japan.

I wouldn't be too worried about them. They have always been around but mostly
because they are usually a legitimate front for organised crime. They really
shouldn't be taken for real.

> When I ask my Japanese hosts about them, they said that the young people
> are really supporting this right-wing party. And iirc, they have had a
> few MP's already. And in Japanese politics, that's a pretty big
> achievement by itself.

They could have someone made Prime Minister and they would still be powerless,
such is the political structure in Japan... I wouldn't lose sleep over it

> What really scares me is that if a whole generation of young people grow
> up thinking that WW2 was a great injustice to Japan. And having grown up
> in boundless wealth, have now to face some minor hardship. And being
> (rightfully) proud of their country, and begin to feel that they need more
> "living space" (what's the German word for that?) and that they could and
> should become even greater if only these damn foreigners would stop
> sitting on Japan's back and stealing from Japan's pocket.
> If we learn anything from the 30s, let's hope that the next depression
> doesn't hit the current superpower too hard: US, Russia, Japan and
> Germany.

The word is 'lebensraum'. There still seems to be a genuine fear that Japan would
once again become a military power and invade the neighbouring regions. When you
look at all the military presence in the area, if any country had reason to fear
invasion, it would be Japan. Even taking into account the US forces in the area,
they are still heavily outnumbered.

Like I said in the other post. I'm for giving up the idea of one country invading
another. If there are any disputes over uninhabited/sparesly inhabited territory,
the countries can just share it, as far as I'm concerned. This means the Kuriles,
the Spratlys etc...

Anyway wouldn't time and resources be better spent on alternative fuel technlogy
instead of fighting over claims on the last remaining supplies of crude oil... It
seems so short sighted...

> BTW, I don't think anyone mentioned it here. But the Japanese government
> is talking (or acting?) to restrict export of PlayStation 2, because the
> graphics chip in these toys are more advanced than those used in a lot
> radar and missile systems around the world.

It was actually a clever Sony marketing ploy that every news organization around
the world fell for.... Although there was some truth to the story, nothing that
hadn't been released prior to the release of the system.

They managed to swiftly cast a positive light back on the PS2 after a string of
embarassing image damaging events.

You may be happy to know that the Japanese government has OK'd the export for PS2
to other countries so you will be able to get one when it is released in your
country : )


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