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fed, i think you missed the context of what i wrote.

when i quipped that the war would be over in one (or
two, in alfred's case) days, two things were on my
mind: excessive self-depreciating humor (my bad, i
apologize), and assumption of nukes.

for the latter, as far as i know, the chinese didn't
blink an eye in tiananmen (ouch), so tossing a nuke or
two on a foreign enemy wouldn't faze them. nevermind
that US might retaliate. a war of attrition is
something china wouldn't care less about, with it's
billions of people. or am i being too pessimistic

while i never knew the depth of skill of our elite
corps (until you mentioned it), downplaying their
worth was not my intention when i said we would be
waiting around.

if you remember what i wrote (to alfred i think), i
mentioned that the philippines may as well be taken in
one day, but that wouldn't be the end of it. i was
referring to our hard core troopers (i don't have
military background like you and richie, so i didn't
go further). however, my point was to imply that i
had little faith in our current commander-in-chief to
utilize our elite to their best abilities.

> >My ancestors fought on almost every invader to hit
> our shores. We threw away
> >the Spaniards then were subdued by the Americans.
> Against the Japanese, we
> >needed help. If the call to arms were made, I'd do
> the same - as I think
> >many of us would here.

well, i would to, when push comes to shove (but i'm
legally blind, so i think i won't be drafted or
something :P)...but...who exactly am i supposed to
side with? >:\

*takes bat guano and meditates like ace ventura*

> >but that's
> >> of little comfort when the bullets, bombs and
> arms and
> >> legs start flying. but i suppose this is hard to
> >> understand if you're not an expatriate of one
> kind or
> >> another.
> >In all honesty, you'd probably be killed without
> any concern about human
> >rights if the Filipinos ever won a conflict like
> that against the Chinese.

yes. that is the crux of the matter, fed. i would
hate for situations to come to that -- because i'm not
about to just lie down and die. and thus, the thought
of having to fight the people of what i have come to
think of as "my country too" is annoying. i have
pinoy friends and buddies (you and richie would be
among them). i would really hate to have to kill
friends to survive if things boiled down to as nasty a
situation as that. (but that's probably movie
stuff...but hey, it makes for interesting fluffy
discussion :P)

> >> on one hand, filipinos are not
> >> nearly as hostile and cruel as indonesians,
> >You probably don't know about the atrocities done
> by our own militias
> >designed to police the communist rebels. We have
> our own tally sheet for
> >cruelty here.

i meant that in the context of what the indonesians
did to the chinese people there recently. it wasn't
even differences in religion or political affiliation.
 it was simply because the chinese were convenient
targets. somehow i don't see the filipino populace
being as vicious as the indonesians in that
context....i hope....

> >My grandfather was attached to the War Crimes
> division after the WWII. Many
> >Japanese candy vendors and gardeners (some of whom
> were innocent of the )
> >were killed atrociously by Filipino zealots after
> the war - but no one tried
> >to run out and persecute them.
> >Fed
> yes, this is true. it's a standard reaction
> historically common in the
> philippines.

is it common to just the philippines? it smells like
standard reaction for many countries at war.


to be off topic...truly off glorious! j/k

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