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Tomonaga wrote:
> defence. That means those ground attack fighters aren't capable of
> reaching any ground other than Japan. There is really no long range
> attack/transport hardware.

Ah... that helps ease my concerns. What are they? A-10? They can reach
Korea at least? And Japan don't have any aircraft carrier right?

> The difference between a self defence force and a regular military is
> that the self defence force will never been deployed outside the
> homeland(as prohibited by the constitution), and as such do not have

Well the constitution is a piece of paper, if people decide to do
something, a piece of paper isn't gonna stop them.

> the hardware for it to be deployed overseas or fight a war in another
> country.

That's a good thing... But the F-15J can be configured as bombers right?
And surely Japan has a bunch of C-150?

> You may have heard that a few years ago due to the urging of the
> United Nations and the US, Japan did deploy personnel outside Japan

yeah I remember that.

> However, the US has been for some time, trying to get Japan to take
> more responsibility for it's own defence and change the constitution.

This could be the most stupid thing for the US to do.

> They are extremely top heavy i.e. too many officers and too few men...
> there are plenty of people to order action but not enough people to

Hai! But Japanese is also a very efficient people (hat's off to you
folks), I am sure if the need arises, the command structure can be fixed
up pretty quickly.

> perform it : ) and as someone else mentioned they are extremely
> limited in the types of 'live fire' training they can do on home soil
> so they are not as well prepared to face war as other military forces
> in that respect.

Likewise, if Japan decides to build themselves some military toys, they
can probably suppress American level in 10 years, which is really a blink
of an eye.

Thanks for much interesting and useful facts. I don't hide my suspicion
of the right-wing fractions in Japan (see next post). But I should make
it clear that I found most Japanese persons to be very nice people. And I
have many Japanese friends, including you. And I deeply admire the arts
and sciences of Japan. Especially Gundam :)

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