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Char Aznable wrote:
> how can you say such things for one boy, when there are millions of people
> everyday wanting to go to America to seek refuge fromt he wars in their
> country or their dictator leader? this matter is just blown up by the
> press. there are millions out there who wish they could go to the "land of
> the free". and there are hundreds, maybe thousands who has the same case as
> the boy, but get sent back to their countries and receive no sympathies like
> this, all because it's not blown up by the press.

I haven't been following the farce on TV so I am (blissfully) missing a
lot of the facts. But I got a question:

How did Elian's mom (and for all you Elian-protectors out there, how many
of you remember her name?) and her boyfriend died? I know that a lot of
Cuban refugees die of drowning or as shark lunch. Does the US Coast
Guards still have the policy of opening fire on refugee boats to keep them
from entering American water? So perhaps one may argue that Elian's mom
died because Americans don't welcome "illegal Aliens" into their country.

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