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>Blackeagle wrote:
> > Last year Japan spend $42.9 Billion dollars on their military. While
> > is rather low as a percentage of GDP (less than one percent), it's still
> > of the largest military budgets in the world.
>I think the limit of 1% is the ceiling set in the Japanese Constitution,

No. The constitution prohibits the country from having any armed forces at
all. It doesn't really make any sense that it would say how much money you
can spend on something you cannot have. The 1% limit is a matter of policy
not a constitutional requirement. Thus if Japan's international situation
changed, the policy could change as well.

> > The Japanese Air Self Defense Force has over 330 combat aircraft,
> > three ground-attack squadrons, nine fighter squadrons and one
>Three ground-attack squadrons? That's getting pretty scary... Have they
>have any military exercise recently?

So far as I know, Japan has not actually shot at anyone (except Godzilla)
since WWII.

I don't really see why you find it scary, while it may not be as glamorous
as air to air, every air force needs some "mud movers".

> > squadron. They fly mostly Japanese built versions of the F-15 and F-16
>I think the F-15J are FULLY built in Japan right? And these F-15J aren't
>cripplewares like the ones US sell to India, Malaynesia etc.

First off, the U.S. has only sold the F-15 to Isreal, Saudi Arabia and
Japan. We have not sold any to India (they fly mostly Russian airplanes) or
Malaysia (which interestingly enough fly the American F/A-18 and the Russian

The F-15J is locally built and many of it's electronic use Japanese designed
equivelants to U.S. hardware.

> > Definitely not. Given the distance and China's deficincies in blue
> > naval strength, the JMSDF and JASDF would probably be able to take out
> > Chineese invasion force without any U.S. help at all (assuming no
>It's fair to say that most Asian countries are pretty scared of both Japan
>and China.
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