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> That is bullshit. Did you know when he goes back to Cuba he isn't going
> be with his father at all, he's going to a Deprogramming Center so he
> swallow all of the Communist Propaganda. Don't sit here and tell me
> the Government enforcing the law because they bend the law to suit there

> agenda.

I know that this thread should be stopped, but I want to make one last
comment, then let's flush this topic down the drain.

how can you say such things for one boy, when there are millions of people
everyday wanting to go to America to seek refuge fromt he wars in their
country or their dictator leader? this matter is just blown up by the
press. there are millions out there who wish they could go to the "land of
the free". and there are hundreds, maybe thousands who has the same case as
the boy, but get sent back to their countries and receive no sympathies like
this, all because it's not blown up by the press.

why is Gundam so popular? one is the element of drama. that is why the
press loves selling this thing. the kid was on a boat, everyone on the boat
except him was killed. hey, this sounds like Ruroni Kenshin. if this was a
Gundam series, the boy would find a Gundam in America, return to Cuba and
burn the country to the ground in revenge for his mother's death (imagine
Char getting back at the Zabi family).

still, my point here is I can't believe a lot of people say things like that
for one kid, throw in all their sympathies, but there are hundreds out there
with the same case they don't give a crap about. what would you do if you
know there's an illegal alien living next door from a communist country?
are you gonna think, "oh, it's okay that he stays here because if he goes
back to his communist country he's gonna go through a deprogramming process
and stick communist ideas into his mind". or are you gonna think, "hey.
thousands of foreigners come in to America every year through due process,
this guy is cheating. and what's his reason? to get away from his
communist dictator? no way! i'm calling the INS".

if all your reason is that "he'll go through deprogramming to remove US
ideals in his mind" then why not make an "Open US" policy that every citizen
in every communist country can go to America and live there even if they
don't have a visa so the can be "free"

also, I'm not American nor do I live in America, but I know that in US laws
(as well as most countries in the world, if not all) that the boy should be
in the custody of his parents. since the mother is gone, the father has all
the rights.

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