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Blackeagle wrote:
> Last year Japan spend $42.9 Billion dollars on their military. While this
> is rather low as a percentage of GDP (less than one percent), it's still one
> of the largest military budgets in the world.

I think the limit of 1% is the ceiling set in the Japanese Constitution,

> The Japanese Air Self Defense Force has over 330 combat aircraft, including
> three ground-attack squadrons, nine fighter squadrons and one reconnaissance

Three ground-attack squadrons? That's getting pretty scary... Have they
have any military exercise recently?

> squadron. They fly mostly Japanese built versions of the F-15 and F-16

I think the F-15J are FULLY built in Japan right? And these F-15J aren't
cripplewares like the ones US sell to India, Malaynesia etc.

> Definitely not. Given the distance and China's deficincies in blue water
> naval strength, the JMSDF and JASDF would probably be able to take out any
> Chineese invasion force without any U.S. help at all (assuming no nukes).

It's fair to say that most Asian countries are pretty scared of both Japan
and China.

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