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This just in:

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 RPG: Role Playing Game of A Year War (1991.06, Dai
Nippon Kaiga, ISBN4-499-20564-6) 160 pages (8 in color) for 2,200.

This is one of two Gundam RPG rule books published between the release of
Gundam 0080 (1989) and Gundam 0083 (1991). The back cover art looks like
it was cribbed from MS Era: UNT Spacy insignia, gas-masked Zeon soldiers
with infra-red goggles and identifiable real-world small arms. The front
cover illustration is a photo realistic rendering of the Gundam, head and
shoulders in three-quarter view.

The other Gundam RPG, shown on the inside front cover flap, is a Gundam
Sentinel RPG for 2000 and I'd be interested in hearing if anyone's still
selling it. The same group, O.R.G., also produced six Phantasm Adventure
sword & sorcery RPG books and an Arthurian RPG called Excalibur.

The book comes with four heavy stock foldouts with game pieces for both MS
and characters, plus two sets of Action and Encounter cards. Despite the
0080 style art on the back cover, the book itself is devoted to the
original series, hence the Gundam 0079 qualification. There's one glaring
exception, however: the arrangement of the Sides is that of the post-War
era circa UC 0087, with Sides 1 and 6 in L5, Sides 2 and 5 in L4 and Side 4
in L1. The arrangement for the One Year War should Sides 1 and 4 in L5,
Sides 2 and 6 in L4 and Side 5 in L1. I suspect that the Side map for this
books was originally done for the Gundam Sentinel RPG, as there is a
reference to Sentinel 0079, which centers on the adventures of Stole
Mannings and Tosh Cray during the Battle of Solomon, and a section on the
Sentinel dice system.

The book is divided into 26 sections, with various prologues and epilogues:

Universal Century 0079
General History of "A Year War"
Term of Gundam: 0079
For First Reader
1. Creating a Pilot
2. Skills about MS
3. Attribute of Character
4. Explanation of PC's Mobile Suit
5. The Combat System
6. Solo Play System
7. Individual Combat
8. Life of PC
9. Experience & Promotion
10. Anti-Space Ship Combat
11. Individual Skills
12. Role of GM
13. Terrain Rules fro MS Combat
14. MS vs Soldier's Combat
15. "New Type" Attribute
16. Special Equipments
17. Individual Weapons Lists
18. Advanced Solo Play System
19. Random Mission Campaign Scenario
20. Random Set-Up Charts
21. Pre-Rolled Characters
22. Sentinel's MS Data for % Dice Using
23. Game Charts
24. Federation's MS Data
25. Zion's MS Data
26. Non-Player MS Data
Random Mission Charts
Scenario Map
Fighting Board
White Map
Score Sheet
Character Sheet
Mobile Suit Sheet

It's very complete and contains a number of interesting assumptions. Among
them are the cost of certain items, from normal suits (5,000 to 10,000 cr)
and pilot suits (4,800 cr) to elecars (45,800 cr for a two-seater, 128,000
to 165,000 cr for a four-seater and 350,000 cr for a six-seater) to
spacecraft (64,000,000 cr for a 32-passenger, 10-ton cargo carrying
shuttle). A drink tube of coffee, juice or milk tea will set you back 20
cr, a vitamin-enriched and electrolyte balanced drink tube costs 50
cr. There's no pricing on MS, however, nor on handguns and ammunition for

The "Pre-Rolled Characters" are Amuro Rei ("Rei" is given in kanji
[REI/RYO/mine/ne = "peak" or "summit" or "pinnacle"), Sayla Mass, Kai
Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, Char Aznable, Ranba Lal, Garma Zabi and Lalar Sun.

All in all a very interesting read and a nice addition to the collection,
but I doubt that much faith can be put in its authenticity, especially
given the Side map mix-up. Still, I'd be very interested in getting the
Gundam Sentinel RPG, which seems to have come first and been the RPG
authors' main interest.


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