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garrick lee wrote:

> HOWEVER, whether or not it's one or two days - alfred
> missed my point. the thought of china and philippines
> going to war is sickening to me, as a fil-chi, because
> the choice between ethnic nationality and citizenship
> is one cruel dilemma. on one hand, filipinos are not

Well, I understand that. My parents are Mexican. I was born here and
raised here. I'm American. My mother was pretty surprised that I had
no problem telling her that, if Mexico and the U.S. got into a war
(don't tell me how one-sided that would be, I know), I would be on the
U.S. side. Just because *she* has huge loyalties to her mother country
doesn't mean I would, too. Now, if the U.S. started it and was in the
wrong, then I'd try to stay out of it completely.


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