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> Sonmay CDs are available in most South East Asian Nations and are priced as
> cheaply like most big label CDs here, around $10.00 - as opposed to say
> First World Nations like the US and Japan. Maybe these were made with the
> Asian market in mind - I dunno. But considering that a lot of pirated anime
> products come from Taiwan and Hong Kong - I wouldn't be surprised.
Depending on how bad whoever is selling them to you is gouging you, you
can get them much cheaper. I've seen them as low as $5-$10 canadian.

> Oh yeah, I own the entire Evangelion CD Sonmay set - the sound quality is
> just as good as some Japanese originals I have (some Ranma themes). I dunno
> how say the Yoko Kanno Turn A Gundam Symphony would sound like under them -
> I never trust Jazz and Classical music to bootleggers and non-quality
> companies anyway.
OF course it sounds identical =) Digital copies, remember?
CD's are lossless. You can duplicate it a thousand times without any
change in the audio. That's why SM CD's are so scary to the actual people
selling the legit CD's. Why would you pay 30-40$ for an import CD when a
SM CD sounds the same? Shrug. I own neither legit import, nor SM CD's
myself, but I know people who do in both cases. You'd have a hard time
distinguishing an SM CD From a regular one if you didn't see the SM logo
on 'em.

> Caveat Emptor then when approaching Sonmay then.
> Fed
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