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From: garrick lee <goner4sure@yahoo.com>

> the philippine armed forces might
> actually be just sitting around and waiting. waiting
> for help from american sempai. ugh.

Garrick, I'm ashamed of you. I agree with Emeraldas that you're presuming
that our armed forces would just sit still and wait. We have some of the
best, if not the best, jungle reconaissance forces in the world. One of the
reasons why we have the Joint Forces Agreement between the US and the
Philippines was made in the first place is to train their special forces for
jungle environments. WE lend THEM expertise in these matters - our special
forces have been known to go in with a single knife through enemy infested
territory. In the 1987 coup, 30 Scout Rangers (Philippine elite unit) held
off 500 regular army units from inside a hotel for three days.

Were pretty well trained because of the insurgency problem as well. The only
thing that keeps it honest and in check is the Philippine military - we have
our secret form of the Waffen SS here that keeps them in check + our special
forces and army units go on hunting sprees looking for human heads as a form
of "training". Nothing quite like actual combat experience to keep you

My ancestors fought on almost every invader to hit our shores. We threw away
the Spaniards then were subdued by the Americans. Against the Japanese, we
needed help. If the call to arms were made, I'd do the same - as I think
many of us would here.

> that the philippines is an archipelago presents a
> problem to the defenders as well. we have no unity to
> put our backs against invaders,

The only time the Philippines historically ever realized it was a nation
were against invaders.

> we can't even resolve internal
> problems on our own, heaven help us if we actually go
> to war against another country. so...yes, the war
> might well be over in one day.

I don't think so. The nation's government would be taken over in a day or
two like Japan did. But resistance fighters would make it hell living here.
Case in point: the Japanese weren't ever comfortable over here - even though
they were better armed and equipped - the Filipinos would fight with knives
and bolos if they had to.

> on one hand, filipinos are not
> nearly as hostile and cruel as indonesians,

You probably don't know about the atrocities done by our own militias
designed to police the communist rebels. We have our own tally sheet for
cruelty here.

but that's
> of little comfort when the bullets, bombs and arms and
> legs start flying. but i suppose this is hard to
> understand if you're not an expatriate of one kind or
> another.

In all honesty, you'd probably be killed without any concern about human
rights if the Filipinos ever won a conflict like that against the Chinese.
My grandfather was attached to the War Crimes division after the WWII. Many
Japanese candy vendors and gardeners (some of whom were innocent of the )
were killed atrociously by Filipino zealots after the war - but no one tried
to run out and persecute them.


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