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>Everyone loooooves to rip on Americans.....but when they get in trouble, who
>do they call?
>Anyways, I dont know about gaming environments, but if China wanted the
>Phillipines and committed to it, rather than fighting half assed it, they
>could have it. It would take several months I think, thanks to the logistics
>of landing forces on an island nation and the terrain of the Phillipines
>(all this is assuming that the Phillipines wouldn't cave when the first Red
>hit the shore, that is)

That was insulting. I never thought i would hear more of this crap. Yes,
america colonized us for our own good, yes, they are still here thanks to
the visiting forces agreement which prevents us from prosecuting american
servicemen who commit crimes in our soil unless the commanding officer
allows it, yes we are dependent on america...All Hail America! Praise
America! ye who bought us from the Spanish, ye who killed one of our
presidents and helped marcos escape to your shores, we praise thee!

I am suddenly very sick to my stomach. America can do no wrong eh? that
no matter what america does, she should be thanked? tell that to our war
veterans who fought for your flag and haven't been properly taken care of
or compensated, tell that to the bastard children your soldiers left behind
in Subic/Olongapo. tell that to all the people who were oppressed,
tortured, even killed by the america-backed dictator who once ruled over my

and we have no right to "rip" America?

oh right, maybe we shouldn't complain, because you guys might make a weapon
that can kill filipinos more effiiciently, like the way america did when
the .45 caliber was invented to take down the muslims to the south of my

I am so sorry for "ripping" America. Why the hell do you think China
wants us in the first place, aside from our oilfields? BECAUSE IT KNOWS

But then, we shouldn't complain, right? after all, one of your presidents
had a dream and decided to colonize us for our own good, to civilize us and
 and call us little brown brother, call us flips, call us so many other

never mind.

forget it.

I guess i shouldn't know more, because I'm not american. I shouldn't have
a point of view that is outside of american viewpoints, because my life
depends on america being a superpower. blessed be america.

I admit to my country's faults, to all the wrong things and cultural
weaknesses inherent to my country and race, and I accept it. But I will
not take such an insult sitting down. wake up! america has its own faults
too, and maybe, just maybe, you can try to see how the rest of the world
sees america as a mixed blessing, a shield against enemies yet always
seeking compensation that is sometimes a very high price to pay for such
protection. All countries have their weaknesses and failings. i hope you
see america's failings; that way you can have a more balanced view of how
global affairs really are affected by The USA.

I love the ideals america espouses...but my belief in america gets chipped
a little more every time I encounter this "ugly american" (as we call it
here in teh Philippines) attitude.

..silence is the language of the heart...

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