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>>"Economic warfare" usually means that something other than military force
>>has become the principal weapon at this stage of the conflict, but it's
>>still nation against nation, with market forces and economic reality as
>>the means of coercion used to force a resolution.
>Yep, this is what I am referring to. Not having read the book in question, I
>was just curious how it addresses the issue of "eliminating warfare."

Handicapped as I am by not having read the book yet myself, I gather from
the various discussions and reviews that her solution to warfare is a set
of five technologies and their derivative "weapons" that make war both
unprofitable and unwinnable, thus raising the cost of warfare above any
possible cost of peace.

In other words, she posits a world where there is no viable economic
incentive for war, so peace, however unpalatable, is the only viable

Note that this is not necessarily a better world. It is, however, one that
the author believes to be inevitable, just as the many wars of the past
were, in their own context, also inevitable.


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