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> > >
> > > "Economic warfare" usually means that something other than military
> force
> > has become the principal weapon at this stage of the conflict, but
> > still nation against nation, with market forces and economic reality
> the
> > means of coercion used to force a resolution.
> >
> Yep, this is what I am referring to. Not having read the book in
question, I
> was just curious how it addresses the issue of "eliminating warfare."

Actually, to clarify, the work in question I am referring to is THE ASH WAR,
which you say suggested that we are rapidly approaching the time where we
will outgrow war. Now, is his idea of outgrowing war simply the abandoning
of any kind of conflict, or is it that military warfare will be gone, but
wars will still exist, but on an entirely different level of "fighting?"
(Perhaps a variation of the type above)


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