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>This work only explores the realm of physical warfare, does it not? What
>abou×█ rs that are not fought on the battlefield (but may have similar

I'm not sure what you're asking here. Are you asking about terrorism, such
as the Savin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway by the Aum Shin Ryu sect
in Japan, or the more nebulous "economic warfare" as when American or the
United Nations apply embargoes against Iraq?

Terrorism is essentially no different that traditional warfare, in that you
have a "nation" -- that is, a political entity with a cohesive collective
identity, as the Aum Shin Ryu or the Red Brigades or the Basque -- using
force against another "nation" -- either an actual national entity like
Japan or Spain or another virtual nation like Capitalists -- in order to
change the nature of their socio-economic or political relationship. The
"battlefield" may be a complex in Waco TX or a beach in Normandy or a
subway in Japan, but the issue is still nation against nation and force as
a means of resolution.

"Economic warfare" usually means that something other than military force
has become the principal weapon at this stage of the conflict, but it's
still nation against nation, with market forces and economic reality as the
means of coercion used to force a resolution.


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