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>Hmm sent this out yesterday, but for some reason it didn't go through.
>I was talking to a friend of mine on IRC, and he mentioned that the MS
>Encyclopedia is "the" book to own for Gundam fans ... and from what I've
>read about it, I'd agree. It looks pretty damned cool.
>Now the question is, whats the best place to get a copy? He mentioned two
>japanese bookstores (asahiya and another I can't recall at the moment), both
>of which I checked, but was a bit lost in. I have absolutely no capability
>to read japanese in any of its forms, and neither had an "english" version
>of their pages ... so any ideas, GML? =)
>And while I'm on this topic, what other books are must buys? Both artbooks
>and source books, as I'd be interested in both.

This is where the ISBN comes in. It's the internationally-recognized
identifier for any book and now many CDs. It also helps to have the name
of the publisher. For the most recent MS Encyclopedia, the information is:

Dengeki Selection
MS Encyclopedia 98

For a list of other Gundam reference books, browse:


Be advised that the vast majority of these are now out of print -- they've
been publishing for 20 years now -- but that Asahiya and Kinokuniya often
have back stocks of unsold books and you can find a surprising number of
old books if you develop a good relationship with the vendor.


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