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Nightingale wrote:

> BTW, I made a mistake regarding Char's famous quote
> 'Mitometaku nai mono dana...' He didn't said that in
> episode 3 of 0079 TV series. Instead, he actually said
> that near the end of episode 1, after his Musai fired
> a couple of missiles towards Side 7 so Char and his
> man will sneak in to gather info on White Base and
> Gundam in episode 2.
> When I compare the same quotes being spoken in the
> original TV series and movie trilogy, it seems that
> the voice acting in TV series delivers an air of
> anthority and originality; the same quotes I heard on
> the movies (which all the voice acting were redone)
> sounds lazy or too fast. What do you think?

Are you sure about 'all' the voice acting being redone ? I noticed the
completely new lines and also some lines that were taken from another
situation and added to the movies but I always thought they were just
using the lines from the TV series for the most part.

Anyway after comparing Char's lines from the TV and the Movie, I see what
you are getting at. Although I can't hear any difference in the lines
leading up to it, I did notice that the Movie version sounds rushed and
less authoritative because the pauses have been removed. Other than that
they sound exactly the same to me. It's amazing what effect a simple
pause has in speech. The line had two decent pauses in the TV series but
I guess they removed them to cut down the running time...


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