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> With six billion of us on the planet, I agree that we no longer have the
> luxury or many of the traditional ways of living. If the population
> reaches a point where it is no longer sustainable, it will decline
> precipitously to a much lower level. In addition to War, there is also
> Famine, Pestilence and Death to consider -- overpopulation is, in the long
> term, self-correcting. The question is how much of the rest of the Earth
> will be lost along with what Ebenezer Scrooge called the "surplus"
> population.
> To put thing into perspective, mass-extinction is nothing new to this
> planet and virtually everything above the microscopic level has been killed
> off at least three times in the Earth's history. Our recorded history goes
> back, depending on whom you consult, a mere 10,000 to 35,000
> years. Humanity as a species is at least a thousand times that old and
> mammals have been dominant for about 50 million years. The dinosaurs ruled
> the Earth for three times that span and, although they are gone (or
> transformed into birds) the shark, which preceded them, is still going
> strong, unchanged for nearly 200 million years.
> Where will we be a million years from now?
> A lot žófind out there if we do.
Well spoken. And now as I have probably said more on this thread than I have
on any list I am on shall go back to my usual lurking and perhaps
contemplating my favorite pilot. For the record I enjoy reading your
contributions to threads.

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