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> whats the best place to get a copy? He mentioned two
> japanese bookstores (asahiya and another I can't
> recall at the moment), both of which I checked, but
> was a bit lost in. I have absolutely no capability
> to read japanese in any of its forms, and neither
> had an "english" version of their pages ... so any
> ideas, GML? =)

You can order the book from Anime Nation:

> And while I'm on this topic, what other books are
> must buys? Both artbooks and source books, as I'd be

> interested in both.

If you are a U.C. fan who is interested in mecha
source book, then I think Hobby Japan's "Gundam
Mechanics" series may suit your needs:

This on-going series of loose leaf mecha data files
covers basic informations + detail some detailed line
arts of mobile suits and mobile armours. Vol.1 and 2
deals with One Year War (0079, 0080, 08MST, and 0083),
Vol. 3 covers Z Gundam, vol. 4 covers ZZ and CCA, and
vol.5 (the latest volume) covers F91 and V Gundam.
Future volumes may cover AC series such as Gundam Wing
and Gundam X. Pick the volumes that suit you. :)


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